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Our students are potential heroes in the making who will discover the joy of learning, face challenges, insecurities, fears, resistance and frustrations. But like heroes, they will overcome obstacles, feel proud of overcoming challenges and forge their character on this continuous journey.

“Every child is blessed with a talent that can improve the world.”


A methodology focused on training leaders

We are shaping future leaders and entrepreneurs. With an educational approach that works on self-knowledge, instills virtues and encourages the development of each person’s individual talents, we enable our students to face the challenges of their daily lives with courage and confidence.

Virtues and Good Manners

We understand that ‘education starts at home’. However, our students spend almost 8 hours with us every day, presenting a significant opportunity for us to cultivate the core virtues of a responsible citizen, whether they be the Judeo-Christian virtues or the ‘good manners’ that our grandmothers taught us.


Our students’ first major mission will be to discover their natural talents (and not their passions) and their primary personality traits. We consider this essential for fostering self-awareness and developing emotional security.

Communication Skills

A significant part of the problems between adults stems from their inability to communicate accurately. At Virtus, children start to cultivate a love for reading, debating, and speaking from an early age.

Learning to Solve Problems

Knowledge is rendered useless if it fails to impart wisdom. At our school, one of our primary objectives is to equip students with the essential skill of problem-solving—addressing emotional, practical, everyday, and even financial challenges.

Understanding how to live within a group

Understanding how to live within a group doesn’t equate to blindly accepting injustice for the sake of harmony. It involves appreciating diverse perspectives and acknowledging individuality. Conflicts, if they arise, should be approached with civility. Success in life isn’t solitary, and learning to live harmoniously in a group is a skill best cultivated from a young age.

Real-World Experience

From an early age, engaging in practical activities that encourage problem-solving and the search for solutions helps foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Virtus - An Acton Academy is based on three Main Pillars:

Virtus – An Acton Academy School is part of a network of schools in the Acton Academy Group, currently with more than 300 schools in more than 42 American states and 27 countries.

The school was established over 15 years ago in Austin, Texas, by Jeff and Laura Sandefer, a visionary and entrepreneurial couple. Dissatisfied with the constraints of traditional teaching methods their children had encountered, they embarked on founding a school that aligned with their vision for education.

The name Acton is a tribute to John Edward Acton, also known as Baron Acton or Lord Acton (1834-1902). He was wary of the insatiable desire for power, which led to his most famous quote:

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

In Brazil, there are currently only two Acton schools in operation. The pioneer school, Acton Academy Ilhabela,  was launched in the city of Ilhabela, in the State of São Paulo, in 2020, and Virtus was launched in 2022 in the city of São Paulo. Acton schools adopt a “Learner-Driven” methodology, where the student’s role in the pursuit of learning is fundamental.

Instead of providing ready-made answers and content, we equip the student to search, think, reflect, and find solutions or information from the subjects presented to them. This occurs from 3 to 6 years of age, through the Montessori Method, and in the following years, where the Acton method is fully applied.

All Acton Schools around the world interact regularly, exchanging experiences and learning in a constant process of improvement, with the daily participation of Jeff and Laura.


“We believe even the youngest child has important work to do”.

Sparks Studio is best described as a garden where children aged 3 to 6 enthusiastically engage in Montessori-inspired activities, nurturing real-life skills and cultivating independence, focus, and kindness, all of which are vital for success at Acton Lower Elementary.

At Sparks, we adhere to the principles of the Montessori methodology, making it our utmost priority to empower both younger and older students to assume leadership roles as soon as they are ready. This is achieved by providing comprehensive rubrics and exemplary models for each competency, thus enabling children to perform tasks autonomously and with confidence.

Eagles  will rapidly find themselves at home, warmly embraced by an environment that fosters ongoing educational growth. While the routine may be familiar, the learning materials will introduce fresh lessons and opportunities for exploring complex and innovative concepts. This studio is dedicated to students aged 6 to 8, with the goal of nurturing their autonomy through responsibility and a deep respect for the learning process.


Through active participation in a respectful community, students learn to question, think critically, and take responsibility for their own learning journey. These essential skills not only enhance their education but also prepare them for success in later academic pursuits and life challenges. In line with the Montessori approach, Acton Lower Elementary recognizes that children learn most effectively through movement and hands-on experiences. The school is committed to providing comprehensive support, encompassing cognitive, social, and emotional development, to empower each student to realize their full potential.

Prepare each learner with the skills, work ethic, and independence to thrive.


Upper Elementary Studio’s mission is to prepare each individual student to thrive in essential skills through work ethic and independence. In this studio, the rules, risks, and consequences are clearly defined, ensuring that students focus their energy productively.


The studio is designed for students aged between 9 and 10, immersing them in a routine of activities aimed at fostering a love for reading, promoting clear communication, and instilling the motivation to solve real-life challenges with lucidity. Additionally, students develop skills enabling them to set goals and objectives based on a realistic perception of time and personal organization.

Prepare learners for the Next Great Adventure in Launchpad and beyond


Discipline and a growth mindset are key elements in establishing a thriving environment at Virtus Acton Middle Studio for students aged 11-14.


The aim of the Middle Studio is to provide students with an engaging journey and consistent development in the areas of Writing and Communication. This involves progressively challenging tasks leading to public exhibitions and extensive learning experiences. These efforts prepare students for their next big adventure: Launchpad Studio.

Learners discover the Next Great Adventure

In this final stage of our Eagles’ academic journey, students aged 15-17 engage in practical, real-life experiences through internships. Additionally, they hone their leadership skills by assuming leadership roles in Launchpad, Middle, Elementary, and Spark Studios, as well as within the local community.

The objective of Launchpad is for every student to uncover their next great adventure, whether it involves mastering a superpower skill, finding a place to live and work, or discovering a vocation capable of transforming the world. Having traveled a solid path, they have developed the skills, motivation, and character necessary to become agents of change.

Shaping the Future: Why We Are the Right Choice

We create an environment of continuous stimulation, ongoing evaluation, constant improvement, challenges, and frustrations. In this environment, there is ample space for the development of virtues and intellectual stimulation, where the opportunities for our students to improve their future are exponentially increased. Check out the aspects that differentiate us from traditional teaching methods below:

Traditional School

An Acton Academy School

A Life Purpose

Every journey at Acton Academy School is a discovery, an evolution.

In these testimonials, parents from our campus in Ilhabela share a part of their journeys with us and how innovative education shapes their children’s future.

Watch and be inspired!

What parents say about us:

“At Acton, Luísa was able to be herself, with security and freedom. She is evolving more and more with serenity and lightness.”

Telma Volta

Luisa's mother

“I found in Acton an extension of the values ​​I practice with my son at home. If you want your son to change the world, ask him to clean his own room. Acton helped me teach him that the price of freedom is the daily exercise of responsibility. Including, and above all, the little things of everyday life.”.

Fabrício Aricó

Antonio's father

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